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Jeep Wrangler Baseplate | BX1126 from Blue Ox

The Jeep Wrangler is the most common vehicle towed behind an RV today.  Here at we stock and sell more of theJeep Wrangler BX1126 Baseplate from Blue Ox than any other at a rate of almost 3 to 1.

To flat tow a Jeep – follow these simple steps:
With engine off, press brake pedal, shift automatic transmission into NEUTRAL or press clutch pedal on manual transmission, shift transfer case lever into NEUTRAL.  Start engine, shift automatic transmission into DRIVE or manual transmission into gear, release brake pedal and turn engine off.  You’re now ready to tow!

One of the most common questions we get about the BX1126 Baseplate is:  “Can I install this myself?”
The short answer – YES!  If you are even slightly mechanically inclined then you can install this baseplate on your own!  There is some MINOR drilling involved but it is not much and Blue Ox makes it very simple as you will have the baseplate partially installed to line up where the hole needs to be.  Jeeps have plenty of clearance so this install can easily be completed without the need for a lift too.

To make installation even easier – Blue Ox put together this great instructional video of the BX1126 Baseplate Installation!

To make it even easier for our customers to get down the road with their Jeep in tow, HitchSource has put together TowBar Packages for this and other vehicles.  The Jeep Wrangler Blue Ox Towing Package comes with everything you need!  It includes the very popular Alpha Tow Bar rated to 6500 lbs and allows for easy single-person hook-up, the BX1126 Baseplate and the Blue Ox 7 to 6 Accessory Kit.  This kit includes everything you need to wire the taillights of the towed vehicle, the 7 to 6 coiled electrical cable to run between your RV and the Jeep, a 3-set lock kit to keep everything secure and a protective bag to keep the tow bar safe from the elements went not in use and stowed on the back of your RV!

The only item left that you may need and is not included in this package is a Supplemental Braking System!
(Not sure if you’ll need a braking system?  Know the Laws in Your State for braking requirements!)

Blue Ox Aventa Tow Bar

Blue Ox Aventa Tow Bar

Blue Ox Aventa Tow Bar

The Blue Ox Aventa Tow Bar is the heavy duty tow bar for full size trucks and SUV’s with 10,000 pound capacity.

Top quality construction, high towing capacity, and the Blue Ox brand name gives the Adventa LX an advantage over the competition.


Watch the Blue Ox Aventa Tow Bar Video


  • Cutting edge ball-in-socket design
  • Off-set triple lugs to better align towing forces
  • Self tightening picot connection
  • Rubber boots to protect from road grime
  • Dependable steel construction
  • Class IV tow bar, for use with towed vehicles up to 10,000 lbs
  • Legs collapse & extend to lock for easy hook-up
  • Out of alignment or on uneven surface hook up is a cinch with the 360 degree swivel

The Ultimate Quick Disconnecting Tow Bar
Weighs approximately 42 lbs
Designed for 2″ receiver hitches
Limited Lifetime warranty

Read customer reviews or buy the Blue Ox Aventa Tow Bar now.


Great Value Tow Bar: The Blue Ox Adventurer Tow Bar

Blue Ox Adventurer Tow Bar

Blue Ox Adventurer Tow Bar

The Blue Ox Adventurer Tow Bar is the high value, lower priced version for use with towed vehicles up to 5000 lbs.

  • Can be adapted to almost any vehicle
  • Legs are adjustable to a maximum width of 41 inches
  • Legs fold together for easy storage
  • Weighs less than 36 lbs
  • Three year warranty on tow bar
  • Safety cables
  • Easy to Install
  • Installation Manual

If you still need help, reach out to Joe, Daryl or David in our Customer Service Department, call 877 464-4834.

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