The Ultimate Motorcycle Trailer Setup

2016logoDaytona Beach Bike Week is the self proclaimed largest motorcycle rally in the United States. This year is the 75th anniversary of the event so it may very well be the largest. This title, however, is a moving target and it is well known that the Rally in Strugis South Dakota will give Bike Week a run for its money.

Bike Week kicks off March 4th and for nine days Daytona Beach will be owned by two wheeled machines of freedom! I am myself a motorcycle enthusiast and generally ride everywhere I take my moto. Yet for some of us this is not possible, especially when making a long trek to a motorcycle event the likes of Bike Week. Making the journey refreshed for a week of shenanigans, avoiding the wear and tear on your machine, and bringing two bikes to show off, are just a few of the reasons you may want to truck or trailer your ride.

Lock N Load Wheel Chock

Recently one of our customers, John, sent in some photos of his trailer setup using the Lock N’ Load Wheel Chock system. He and so many others have been raving about the ease and simplicity of this chock we just had to share. Bikes roll right into the chock and the front tire is strapped down preventing the need to compress your front suspension which will ultimately degrade the fork seals.


In John’s setup you can see that he has added a third mounting plate to carry one motorcycle balanced in the center of the trailer. The chock itself quickly releases from the mounting bracket so he can remove one and put the other on the centered mount for the single bike setup. Lock N’ Load offers a garage stand bracket that allows you to attach the chock to a foot that will free-stand in your garage. Not a bad little add on!


Finally, the seat belt style self ratcheting straps you see on the back-end of the bikes complete the system. So when you inevitably hit bumps in the road these little babies tighten up as your rear suspension compresses keeping things where they should be. In John’s setup he is running the optional E-Track adapter straps offered as an add on. There are also S-Hook Adapters so you can customize your setup how ever you need. Want to hear more? Let the man himself tell you. Check out the video of Lock N’ Load inventor Cecil Cook going through the details.

Stay safe at Bike Week if you’re going and rubber side down all around!


You can find the Lock N’ Load Wheel Chock and all the accessories here:

Lock N’ Load Wheel Chock Page


The Lock N’ Load Wheel Chock


  • Convenient one person loading and will fit all motorcycles
  • Easy to load even the heaviest motorcycle in 60 seconds or less
  • Eliminate any fear of damage from the motorcycle falling over
  • No need to compress your forks which could lead to costly repairs
  • Solid steel construction with full powder coat paint
  • Very easy to use and install
  • Many accessory options available – Including flush-mounted CARGO BUCKLES
  • Tie down strap built into the wheel chock
  • Area around motorcycle is available for storage, gaining 25% more area
  • Chock easily removes when not in use and can be used for other locations like a garage stand!


Avoid a Two Night Stay in Baker California—Consider a Spare Tire Holder

The small town of Baker California is located on the southern edge of the Death Valley Depression and is well known by the west coast RV community because it lies en route between Southern California and Las Vegas. This town of a mere 735 residents is home to such attractions as the “Worlds Largest Thermometer” and last Del Taco for 100 miles in any direction. These attractions may be enough of a draw to warrant a quick 15-minute stop, but I assure you their appeal will wane quickly as you step out of your RV and into the Death Valley summer heat. The average high in the summer is 110 degrees which is a temperature the typical human can survive about 4 minutes without air-conditioning; just enough time for a quick picture with a gargantuan thermometer and a quick trot to the ever-so-conveniently located and air-conditioned Del Taco. And for most, this is how the Baker California experience ends— the sting of falling victim to a marketing ploy as overt as a giant thermometer is softened by the enjoyment of a delicious taco as you drive off into the sunset towards greener pastures.

Unless of course your RV falls victim to the extreme Death Valley conditions…

The 60-mile stretch of freeway around Baker is home to some of the harshest road conditions in the country. It is well known that tire blowouts are far more likely in extreme heat and it does not get more extreme than Death Valley. With road temperatures in the summer reaching 200 degrees you can be assured that there is a busy yet small tire shop in Baker. What are the chances of that shop having a replacement tire for your RV? We all know how difficult it can be to find the correct tire size for an RV, likely you’ll have to stay put in Baker and wait for Thursday’s 3:10 PM shipment from Yuma.

Thankfully, Hitchsource has you covered.

Don’t get caught without a spare in Baker California, take one with you. Check out this innovative spare tire holder from Roadmaster.


With this product you can mount a spare tire with your hitch and still tow at the same time. Just remember if you don’t bring a spare you run the risk of eating way, way too much Del Taco in Death Valley.

We’re looking out for you.

-The HitchSource Team

RV Towing Vehicle Protection

Here at we talk to a lot of people that have decided to hit the open road and tow a dingy vehicle behind their RV. After speaking with hundreds of longtime and soon-to-be RV towers, we’ve learned there is a big knowledge gap between those that have been towing with their RV for many years and those that haven’t. One can learn so much from people that are willing to tell their stories and we’ve been lucky enough to hear many of your stories on the open road. I’m writing this post with the hope of saving you RV rookies from some of the expensive mistakes that many of your fellow veteran RV towers had to learn the hard way.

We hear the same tale time and time again; someone buys a brand new flat towable car and they are eager to get on the road. They buy a new tow bar, baseplate and a top of the line braking system and they are feeling like the king of the road, but there is one thing almost every person that starts RV towing overlooks: you may be heading out on vacation, but your new tow vehicle is about to go to war.

Imagine driving down the freeway for 400 miles 3 feet from the back of 22,000-pound RV. You wouldn’t do it, but that is exactly what is happening behind your RV.

Here is an incomplete list of road debris that could be kicked up by your RV, hurl through the air and strike your car at mind boggling speeds:

• Very Small Rocks
• Big Rocks
• Jagged Rocks
• Smooth Rocks
• Stinky Freeway Garbage
• Extremely Unlucky Animals

Here is an incomplete list of what the front of your car might look like if you don’t protect it:

• A purple heart recipient of the Great BB Gun War of 1968

Here is an incomplete list of things you’ll need when you see the front of your new car:

• A 5 gallon bucket of touch-up paint
• The worlds smallest dent removing tool
• A Kleenex (for the tears)

Thankfully, this doesn’t have to happen to you because at we carry all of the best RV towing vehicle protection products and have the experts to help you find the best one for your set up.

Here are a few of our recommendations:

Blue Ox KarGard II KarGardII
Guardain Rock Shield guardian
Roadwing Mud Flaps roadwing2final

Give us a call at 877-464-4824 and tell us your story, we’ll happily help find the right product to protect your vehicle.

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